In the beginning Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke met at a fundraiser for a mutual friend who was very ill.  They spoke briefly of their common heritage and complimented each other on their music.  That could have been the end of this story, fortunately it is not.  The second meeting was at yet another fundraiser one year later for a radio station.  Sheila had already finished when Joe arrived, he set up his equipment and then something happened.  Joe asked Sheila if she would care to join him.  The two had never performed together, never rehearsed.  Sheila said yes, then she ran off down the hall.  Joe guessed that perhaps she had instantly changed her mind.  To his surprise, she came back carrying a Native American sacred drum to accompany him with.  They began to sing a set of Joe's original songs that Sheila had never heard, including 'Soldiers In The Army Of Mercy & Peace' which was not even 12 hours old and had never been sung in its entirety.  Joe & Sheila together sounded as if they had been together their whole lives.

We will save the rest for another installment.  But we must tell you that Joe & Sheila are serious musicians/writers.  They see the world through a rare prism, a clear window.  They are intelligent and spiritual.  They are humble and gifted and they are here to share their gift with YOU.


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