4 5 2016 

Brothers & Sisters

It has not been uneventful lately.

Everybody Has A Purpose has kept us very occupied since its release last fall.  We have appeared at a number of events and met countless fans and friends along the way.

Radio has become very friendly to us also.  The record is getting airplay locally as well as being featured on fm and internet stations around the world.  This is providing opportunities to appear in Mexico, Canada & Europe.  The songs on the album continue to sit at the top of the

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Detroit Music Awards & Review Magazine Music Awards 2016 

Brothers & Sisters

January is the time for all artists and fans to come together to support one another.

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke are once again honored to be nominated in a number of categories

in the prestigious award ceremonies named above.

In the Detroit Music Awards the votes are cast only by fellow musicians active in the midwest

at this website ... www.detroitmusicawards.com


In the Review Magazine Music Awards all fans may cast votes from anywhere around the world

at www.review-mag.com




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Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke - Everybody Has A Purpose - Available At These Great Stores - 

Joe & Sheila wish to thank these individuals and organizations for their kindnesses.

http://dearbornmusic.net/ - Dearborn Michigan

http://www.encorerecordsa2.com/ - Ann Arbor Michigan

https://www.facebook.com/pjsusedrecords - Ann Arbor Michigan

http://store.ugsounds.com/ - Ann Arbor Michigan

http://www.thecultureclash.com/ - Toledo Ohio

http://foundsoundvinyl.tumblr.com/ - Ferndale Michigan

http://pitakabobgrillannarbor.com/ - Ann Arbor Michigan

http://www.unityoflivonia.org/ - Livonia Michigan

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In the beginning Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke met at a fundraiser for a mutual friend who was very ill.  They spoke briefly of their common heritage and complimented each other on their music.  That could have been the end of this story, fortunately it is not.  The second meeting was at yet another fundraiser one year later for a radio station.  Sheila had already finished when Joe arrived, he set up his equipment and then something happened.  Joe asked Sheila if she would care to join him.  The two had never

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Join the Army of Mercy & Peace Fan Club here.

Join the Army of Mercy & Peace Fan Club here.

First Thoughts

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke welcome you to our new home on the web.

This is the place where the new CD 'Everybody Has A Purpose' will be presented to the world.

We have given every effort and all of our energy to make this record both powerful and beautiful.

We are happy and excited that it has received a Global Music Award even before it was released, and that it has gotten great reviews from both fans and critics.

We are honored to have YOU here with us now.

 - peace to you - 

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke


Find Joe & Sheila here ...



Dales Last Friday Folk Music Showcase

Bank Theater Ontario, 10 Erie Street South, Leamington, Ontario

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke join Dale Butler and a line up of many of Ontario's most talented folk musicians for their annual April visit to The Bank Theater.


Big Barn Jamboree

Bobs Big Barn Jamboree, 1417 Johnson Street, Lake Odessa, Michigan

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke appear by invitation for the 4th time in 4 years with an incredible lineup of Mid Michigan country music stars. Recorded video and audio for worldwide broadcast.  


Acoustic Songwriter Showcase

Jubilee Music Store, 3105 North Croatan Hwy, Kill Devil Hills - Kitty Hawk North Carolina USA

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke join a lineup of talented musicians from around the world for a 3 hour showcase of amazing music.