Brothers & Sisters

It has not been uneventful lately.

Everybody Has A Purpose has kept us very occupied since its release last fall.  We have appeared at a number of events and met countless fans and friends along the way.

Radio has become very friendly to us also.  The record is getting airplay locally as well as being featured on fm and internet stations around the world.  This is providing opportunities to appear in Mexico, Canada & Europe.  The songs on the album continue to sit at the top of the charts in which they are entered.  We are happy that the work that we have done over the recent years is being heard and appreciated for its power, beauty, and truth.  

We are once again nominated for the Review Magazine Awards which will be held on April 20 2016.  Here we are nominated for Best Country Female Vocalist, Best Country Male Vocalist, Best Folk duo/group.

Also on April 29 the Detroit Music Awards Ceremony will be held where we are nominated in 4 categories.  World Music Record Of The Year, World Music Artist/Group, Christian/Gospel Record Of The Year, Christian/Gospel Songwriters Of The Year.

If you are reading this, we ask you to visit the guestbook to sign in and comment.

We thank each of you individually and collectively and we wish for you all the best in life.

Be Happy

 - peace to you - //oo\\


Brothers & Sisters

January is the time for all artists and fans to come together to support one another.

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke are once again honored to be nominated in a number of categories

in the prestigious award ceremonies named above.

In the Detroit Music Awards the votes are cast only by fellow musicians active in the midwest

at this website ...


In the Review Magazine Music Awards all fans may cast votes from anywhere around the world




We encourage everyone to participate in these efforts to provide recognition and opportunity that

would otherwise not be possible.


We are currently booking dates for the international tour to support Everybody Has A Purpose,

it is receiving airplay worldwide and sales are very good.


We thank you all for those great gifts.




Joe & Sheila wish to thank these individuals and organizations for their kindnesses. - Dearborn Michigan - Ann Arbor Michigan - Ann Arbor Michigan Ann Arbor Michigan - Toledo Ohio - Ann Arbor Michigan - Livonia Michigan - Radio Station - Radio Station - Rock & Roll Artist/Designer - Music Magazine - JohnTalkRadio Musicians Broadcast = Mark Helpsmeet Song Of The Soul Radio Show



In the beginning Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke met at a fundraiser for a mutual friend who was very ill.  They spoke briefly of their common heritage and complimented each other on their music.  That could have been the end of this story, fortunately it is not.  The second meeting was at yet another fundraiser one year later for a radio station.  Sheila had already finished when Joe arrived, he set up his equipment and then something happened.  Joe asked Sheila if she would care to join him.  The two had never performed together, never rehearsed.  Sheila said yes, then she ran off down the hall.  Joe guessed that perhaps she had instantly changed her mind.  To his surprise, she came back carrying a Native American sacred drum to accompany him with.  They began to sing a set of Joe's original songs that Sheila had never heard, including 'Soldiers In The Army Of Mercy & Peace' which was not even 12 hours old and had never been sung in its entirety.  Joe & Sheila together sounded as if they had been together their whole lives.

Today 'Everybody Has A Purpose' lives.  Recorded artfully and patiently by Tim Smith at SoundScape Studios in Royal Oak Mi.  Remixed by the one and only Dusty Wakeman at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank Ca.  Mastered at Universal Studios in Los Angeles Ca. by the incredibly talented and experienced Peter Doell.  Who along with Dusty has credentials going back to superstars like Buck Owens and Frank Sinatra. (yes, that's right)

We will save the rest for another installment.  But we must tell you that Joe & Sheila are serious musicians/writers.  They see the world through a rare prism, a clear window.  They are intelligent and spiritual.  They are humble and gifted and they are here to share the gift with YOU.


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First Thoughts

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke welcome you to our new home on the web.

This is the place where the new CD 'Everybody Has A Purpose' will be presented to the world.

We have given every effort and all of our energy to make this record both powerful and beautiful.

We are happy and excited that it has received a Global Music Award even before it was released, and that it has gotten great reviews from both fans and critics.

We are honored to have YOU here with us now.

 - peace to you - 

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke


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  • Jan 20
    Saint Matthew Saint Joseph Episcopal Church,  Detroit
  • Jan 21
    Ghost Light Planet Ant Theater,  Hamtramck

Everybody Has A Purpose